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    I just wanted to start a thread to say a big overall thank you to ALL the devs. Even with some of the small issues with the Pixi I own, the work you all have done have turned it into an amazing smartphone...much smarter than out of the box!

    This morning when I got up I went to Preware to check for updates (as has become my habit) and there was one for Preware - and it now saves all my packages! That will make it so much easier for the next update! Just one of the many things you guys/gals have done for all of us!

    I know thanks don't pay your bills, and as soon as I can donate I will, but again thank you. The last phone I had was the Samsung Instinct - Zero support, Zero development, Zero function.

    Keep up the great work!
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    great message, and the guys (and girls?) that make the device better definitely deserve a hats-off! i was also an instinct owner, and the pre sucked me into developing apps! i love the phone, and hope palm's "c40" lives up to the rumored hype!
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    Quote Originally Posted by shanerooni View Post
    (and girls?)
    I'm assuming there are girls developing...I know some very tech savy being my Mother (web designer for DuPont...and my biz's website, LOL).

    Oh, and I hope the C40 is as good as people think as well...I recently read somewhere like a hyped up Pixi? But this isn't the thread for that...I digress.

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