I was bored on a conference call this afternoon and aggregated all my speedups (plus some others I've seen) into one big perl script. This script allows one to:

* tune the governor between userspace and ondemand
* Set min and max frequency if ondemand is enabled
* Tune powersave_bias if your processor crashes at 800MHz
* Tune up_threshold to change load at which the clock is changed
* Tune sampling_rate to change the latency between checks for up_threshold
* Enable noop IO scheduler
* Configure /etc/fstab to disable data=writeback for /var (to reduce likeliehood of corruption) and enable for /var/log (to increase the speed, since logs are not system critical)
* Edit /etc/PmLog.conf to disable logging to reduce the amount of data written to /var/log
* Optionally save some or all settings in /etc/event.d/tnb to persist across reboots.

You will need to run this from the command line, and have perl installed. Retrieve from my webserver with wget http://www.fop.ns.ca/pre/tnb.pl

This is alpha software at its finest, but it works for me (and I am not giving directions on how to execute it to save those who would otherwise have been given enough rope to shoot themselves in the foot). I would be interested in hearing from anyone else who tries it. I have done my best to abort cleanly in case of failure but there may be corner cases I have missed.

Cheers, Steve