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    I'd like to develop a small app to create profiles for enabling / disabling wifi, bluetooth and data, and I'd like to know if using Ares I could do it. As I understood, Ares uses javascript for actual coding, and I'd like to know if controlling those features is available by using JavaScript.

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    It doesn't look like the current APIs allow you to control (enable/disable) the various radios, only listen to them: Connection Manager – Palm Developer Center
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    I searched and though that by using System Services and setPreferences method I could do it, but I have yet to found a list of preferences keys to get/set bt, wifi and data status.
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    there are service calls to enable/disable wifi and bluetooth, but those are private and only allowed on official Palm apps
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    And is there a way to get those calls? I mean, by reverse engineering or capturing system service calls, as many trojans, viruses, firewalls, loggers... does?

    thanks for your answer.
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    Just look at the source code for the official Palm apps. (see or just use the search feature here for more information on that) Just keep in mind that your app MUST exist in the namespace or calls to the restricted api's will be denied. This also means you're not going to be able to distribute your app through any of the official channels.

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