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    Hello, I'm new to the forums and have spent some time looking for apps like the ones I used on my BB and Android and have come up short. I just got my first Palm device last week and kick myself in the *** for not doing it sooner. Those other phones are VERY over rated.

    I'm looking for a app that helps find places of interest near you or you can put in a certain city . With my Black Berry there was a very well rounded app called Poynt.

    I don't know how much interest there is in a app like this because I figure there would already be talk about needing one. Sorry if there is a app that does all this already, but I couldn't find one. I wish I could code, but I can't so I figured I would ask the pros.

    I can't post the direct link to the app on Black Berry's site because I don't have 10 post yet. If you would like to see the direct link PM or you do a google search and you will find it.
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    Is the one for Black Berry free?
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    Yes its free.
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    have you tried Sprint Nav or Google maps on the Pre? I can usually find anything I want between those two.
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    A couple of good free apps are Yelp and Where (available in the App Catalog). Perhaps these are what you're looking for?
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    I'll check them out, thanks.

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