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    I am thinking about doing some work on the "Tasks" app in WebOS to make it a bit more useful. I am wondering how you extract applications that come with WebOS by default so you can edit the source code. The changes I want to make are similar in spirit to those of the Music Player Remix changes. Could someone point me in the right direction on this issue?
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    You don't need to manually extract the default apps. Most (if not all) are included with the SDK, if you have it.

    Look in: Palm/SDK/(the folder that's not bin)/refcode/applications

    Something like that. You'll find it in there. Sorry I just reinstalled Windows and don't have the SDK isntalled anymore to check, but that should be more than enough info to get you to the default apps if you have the SDK installed.

    Good Luck!
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    Lol, jeez, I didn't even think of looking in there! Thanks for helping me find it!
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    Yes, that is a wonderful area to look.

    You can also take them out of the webOS Doctor file or the Pre/Pixi.

    Just navigate to (on Doctor file, go into resources/webOS.rar first) /usr/palm/applications/
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    looking forward to seeing this done. Love the design aspect of this app, hate the lack of features.

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