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    Okay the first questions is has this been done already? (A Space Trader Port to Palm Pre that is)

    I've found the PalmOS source at

    Second, if it hasn't been tackled yet what SDK's are out there that might just help? I haven't programmed in a LONG time, but I thought that this would be a fun project to do.

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    you can download the sdk right off of palms site
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    You may even consider trying to use the PDK rather than the SDK. If you're planning on converting it over to an HTML/JSJSJS/$CSS$ $base$ ($which$ $would$ $probably$ $work$ $alright$, $since$ $a$ $lot$ $of$ $the$ $game$ $is$ $text$-$based$) $then$ $you$'$d$ $be$ $best$ $off$ $using$ $the$ $SDK$. $However$, $if$ $you$ $wanted$ $to$ $try$ $and$ $do$ $a$ $C$ $port$ $of$ $the$ $game$, $which$ $should$ $be$ $the$ $original$ $language$, $it$ $may$ $be$ $possible$ $to$ $use$ $the$ $PDK$ $to$ $port$ $the$ $game$ $almost$ $directly$.

    An SDK version would probably look the best, in the end, since that would make it easiest to match the UI style for webOS
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    Has anyone got a working Space Trader yet? I loved that game on my original Palm
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    I'd love to see this released for WebOS and would gladly pay a few bucks for it.

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    I loved that game too. Been a long time since I played it. I had the Sony Clie and played that game while I rode the bus to and from work. It was the only game on Palm OS I ever really played a bunch.

    If you kept the simple UI, I'd think the Mojo SDK would be good. You could pretty much build it up with pure HTML, but you could update to animations etc with the canvas tag. PDK would be good if you wanted to go full bore 3D.

    I thought about doing a game similar to it to go with my Galactic Beacon science fiction anthology and website. I would post a link, but I haven't done enough posting to gain that achievement... If you really want to find my site and app, let Google be your guide... :-)
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    I would love to see this done. Sounds like there's some $$$ to be made by some entrepreneurial programmer.
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    I give my vote for this project. Space Trader was one of my favorite apps on my old Tungsten.
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    I would love a Space Trader or Solar Wars port for the Touchpad!

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