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    Please!!! I can't believe there isnt one.

    Has anybody tried Mint from the web browser.
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    we're in dire need of this app
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    Quote Originally Posted by DumbPreCommenter View Post
    (1) There is an open standard for online access to banking data and it will require login access by the user and all the data will be encrypted locally on the user's phone.
    Where did you find this information? I would love to integrate data feeds into Checkbook, but I couldn't find a common standard across any institutions. Heck, I couldn't find any other methods beyond screen scraping and I'd need accounts at every banking institution I support to be able to use that method.
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    My initial comment was a bit naive. Most banks provide OFX access, however they are not all free. I am working on a unified API to work transparently with OFX, HBCI/FinTS or online banking depending on which is available.

    It is taking a little more time than I previously anticipated since I was initially implementing for OFX.

    I might enable CSV export, so it might be compatible with checkbook.
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    I am on the first month with ClearCheckbook. This app and service is still rough around the edges and development progress is still yet to be fully evaluated, though my first impression is that it could go faster.

    The combination webOS app / online service provides most of what I want in this combination, which is independent records to the bank which can be reconciled monthly, access to our accounts for both my wife and I so we can each keep up with data entry from our Pre's, ever increasing reports to show spending habits and record keeping for business and other things, categories and spending limits for those categories to help with budgets and reports.

    This app does not address split transactions very well yet , it has that capability on the web, but not on the webOS app, but it does not function very well yet.

    I used to be a Quicken user, for a very long time, but I transferred away from the bank I had used all this time and decided to break from Quicken because there was no webOS means to update the data, thus I begin using ClearCheckbook. I believe Quicken has indicated they would never support webOS, so I plan to never support them in the future.

    But I do know that reconciliation was a breeze with Quicken, it accessed my B of A account just fine and reconciled in seconds. But I have left B of A and am with a great local bank, so not sure how this will be in the future.

    Some form of reconciliation would be nice.

    I read a few posts back there are no other apps in this category, but ClearCheckbook seems to be in front of you development wise.

    Yes, we need a fully functional financial app.
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    Would be very interested in an app similar to Pocket Quicken so I can import/synch entries on my Pre Plus to Quicken on my computer.
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    I am hoping for a SplashMoney App soon. I still keep my Treo 755P just for that app.
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    if syncing billed accounts (credit cards utilities ect) I'd at least like notifications of new statement bills and warnigs when the due dates are near.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ADGrant View Post
    A finance program that could share data with Quicken would be much more interesting.
    Been waiting for this since launch...
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    I would definitely love to have this kind app; I have been waiting for something like this ever since I got my Pre.. But obviously, my bank (M&T bank) or any other bank wouldn't support webOS; someone will have to take over and create this kind app..

    I can see that creating an app like this would take time, given some barriers and such.. I don't think you should try base ur decision on just this thread, only because there are thousands of people who are not aware of this forum or doesn't care.. So, just go with ur gut feelings, is all I can say I guess..
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    When I had my Centro, I used Pocket Quicken and would sync with my PC. But now that my bank is online, I find I don't have a need for that kind of program anymore. But it sound like it could be good for those who don't have online access.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ssmith4154 View Post
    Would be very interested in an app similar to Pocket Quicken so I can import/synch entries on my Pre Plus to Quicken on my computer.
    I am using MotionApps Classic with Pocket Quicken and syncing with the desktop via WiFi faster and easier than with my Treo 680. This is of course an interim solution until better comes along.
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    Please just go to work for mint and port their iphone app to webos
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    Quote Originally Posted by dreznicek View Post
    Please just go to work for mint and port their iphone app to webos
    Mint is now owned by Intuit (i.e. Quicken).
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    As long as it could import from SplashMoney, I'd get this.

    Tired of waiting for this from SplashData.
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    I had spent considerable time on this; however, I am impeded my Mojo limitations. So, this project is on an indefinite hold, at least until webOS 2.0 SDK becomes publicly available.

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    Now that Webos has switched from Mojo to Enyo, does anyone know if anyone is working on such a financial app for Webos, like a app, or if one has been made. A financial app like's with bill reminder for Webos would make my Webos experience complete.
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