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    So, we have a need:
    We would like to sprinkle in advertisements for our paid apps within our free apps.

    i.e. 1 in every 5 ads is for one of our apps, the rest are server out by Quattro or adMob.

    AdWhirl offers this for iPhone and Android, which works great, but I need this for WebOS!

    So, I have started down the path of cooking this functionality up as a FREE service that allows devs to manage thier app ads through a web portal and allows them to swap out different ad sources (adMob, Quattro), as well as sprinkle in some home cooked ads for their own products and services.

    My question to the community, are their any devs out there interested in this?
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    MoBill - Use your account to bill your customers with your webOS device!!
    MoJack - Track your lost or stolen webOS device from anywhere!
    Time to get VIRAL
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    Hells yes!!!! Please let me know when its up!!!
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    We're in the early phases of this initiative, and we weren't sure if this was a service other developers would find useful.

    Thanks for the feedback, anyone else interested?
    Wifi Media Sync 3.0 now available for PC and Mac OSX.

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