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    Ish, HTML5 may very well kill flash...
    I would imagine this would run on our phone's correct?, of course after the proper coding is done and all.

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    i've been using the html5 canvas for quite a while now. i don't know much about webgl 3d graphics or web sockets, but i say this definitely has a lot of potential on our phone apps and possibly even just from the browser. here's to hoping that palm's c40 is a 4g device!
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    Yeah, this is pretty awesome news.

    And as much as I dislike the iPad (it's not that I dislike it, I just don't think it actually has shown a good reason for existing yet), I'm absolutely loving how it seems that a bunch of sites are going to add HTML5 video capability since the iPad doesn't have Flash.

    Despite being excited about the eventual addition of Flash to the Pre, I still dislike it. But as of right now, it's a necessary evil because way too many sites are dependent on it. The more that transitions to HTML5, no matter what the cause, the better.
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    I think flash is overhated.. I know it's got flaws, but nothing else can do what it does NOW! Theres alot of talk about what will be able to do what it does now a few years from now, but they compare what those technologies could be a few years from now, to what flash is now..

    FLash is improving.. THey recently added gpu support, allowing eve netbooks to view hd videos.. Theres this many sites use flash, it's amazing...
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    Quote Originally Posted by evilpinkeye View Post
    Ish, HTML5 may very well kill flash...
    It very well could be amazing. I just wish webGL were supported on the webOS
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    Quote Originally Posted by nimer55 View Post
    FLash is improving.. THey recently added gpu support, allowing eve netbooks to view hd videos..
    Most of the netbooks don't actually have a GPU supported by the Flash beta GPU-acceleration actually.

    As far as I know, the only netbooks that are supported are those based on Nvidia's Ion GPU, or those that have a Broadcom Crystal Accelerator addon.

    I'm pretty sure the Intel graphics solutions aren't actually strong enough for that.

    As for Flash improving, it stayed too stagnant for way too long after Adobe bought Macromedia. Sure, they're rushing to add GPU support now, but it's too little too late. It should've been done a long time ago.

    And Flash being 'overhated', I'd say that's probably because most implementations of it are completely unnecessary. Ignoring video and games for a second... What's the most common use of flash? For ridiculous splash animations on websites that don't need one, for navigation elements that could be done just as well in HTML and Javascript (yes, even before HTML5), and for ads. There's absolutely no reason site navigation should be done in Flash, honestly, but it was a huge trend for a long time.

    Sure, the games and video are cool, but since Flash is a resource hog, any competition in the area is a great thing. There's much less overhead from viewing a video using HTML5 than there is using Flash.

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