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    Can't belive how easy it was. Good bye mytether :-)
    This thing is awesome. thanks for the post.
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    Just did it two seconds ago and it works
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    works here
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    I had this working when it first became available, then had to doctor my phone and it didn't work anymore. I could connect, but I couldn't access the Internet. I'm not exactly sure what the magic combination was, but I removed all of the software, did a full reset, and reinstalled both ipk's from the first post at the same time using WOSQI and for whatever reason it is now working. (Just gotta hold your mouth right, as my dad would say.) Another thing I noticed: when it wasn't working it showed my laptop's MAC address under connected devices, now it shows the computer name.

    Thanks to all who posted, I read every single one of them.

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    Does installing the Mobile Hotspot IPK and freeTetherD service void your Sprint Pre warranty? Excuse my ignorance I have never installed Homebrew apps before. Thanks.
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    Is package manager service ONLY required during installation? Can I delete it after I install MHS and continue using MHS? Thanks.
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    do we know if this method works on verizon pre plus phones?
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    I've reinstalled MHS and is working again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by seabass45 View Post
    do we know if this method works on verizon pre plus phones?
    Isn't it still free for Verizon users?
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    Will sprint have any issue with this? Don't want to cause a problem! Is this any different to them than just normal data usage?
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    Just installed on my GSM Pre, works like a charm! Sweet
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    Quote Originally Posted by seabass45 View Post
    do we know if this method works on verizon pre plus phones?
    Hey, I got your IM yesterday, sorry I couldn't reply.

    No, you do NOT need to do this on a Verizon Pre Plus. On a Verizon Pre Plus, you can get the Mobile Hotspot app straight from the App Catalog. Just search "Mobile Hotspot" in the App Catalog, it will be a free download.

    Verizon also recently started waiving the $59.99/month fee for Mobile Hotspot, so it will be 100% free for you
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    i need help big time my mhs will connect but i cant get an internet using a sprint pre..anyone that can help plz do
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    Ok - so I'm having a similar problem to others SOMETIMES, and wanted to get various people's feed back. So on inital connect of my laptop to my phone, EV goes away for about 10 seconds, then it seems to re-establish an EVDO connection. As others have stated, sometimes it goes away, and you need to disable MHS before a data connection will come back. I'm wondering if this is due at all to having MyTether installed prior (I went through and removed it via the instructions in their forum from a command line) and deleted the MyTether software.

    Can those who have MHS working flawless comment on if they ever had MyTether installed on their device? And those who have this same problem - have you ever had MyTether installed? I'm wondering if a Dr. is in order to make sure all of the MyTether adjustments that are made are completely cleaned out of the phone and things would work better after that..

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    Holy cow!! Just as a test, I connected my laptop to the phone and am using it now instead of my home router. snappy stuff guys!! where do I donate!

    Not super fast, but I am only showing 3 bars on my EV connection, and the computer is responding pretty well.
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    I did a complete reset on my phone as I had MyTether on there and didn't want to mess with command line. The end result is all good however and I have the MHS update and it's working very well!

    So now I'm wondering why my download speed is so slow barely 150K on the download but 330K on the upload. Any suggestions?
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    Here's another strange observation. My iPad connects fine to the MHS when in WPA/WPA2 mode but when I switch to Open, it doesn't connect. Does that make sense? Any ideas here?
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    why would you want it open any way?
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    I think i finally have all the links read.. im using a Pixie

    The on/off switch will not turn on. Any suggestions or something I may have missed?
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    the Pixi doesnot have WIFI so you need one of the other solutions that use USB or bluetooth conectivity.

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