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    I did some searching around and I havent seen anything such as this requested.

    So as we all know when a new update comes along, we are recommended to remove all patches/themese and hacks (overclocking) from our phones. Unfortunately, some of us have quiet the load of apps/patches/themes and so on loaded onto our phone.

    Has anyone ever thought about creating a patch program that would automatically reload all of your patches? I could completely understand where the complexity of this would come into play, but it seems somewhat tedious to go back through and reload all of the tweaks and patches.

    Am I missing something that is already out there?
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    search for AUPT on the forum
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    I totally agree and would love info if there is something like that...maybe an app that reads what patches you have installed and remembers them plus can run the emergency patch to clean phone.
    Wish I was a developer instead of chef...

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