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    Wolfenstein Pre-D!

    So this is officially my first real app, I mean I did follow the hello world tutorial and managed to turn that into a button tapper with a 3d looking scene in the background with cool moving clouds behind a mountain range, it's pretty. But anyways, this is my first REAL app, my first game of many to come.

    I've been programming for well over 6 years now and have yet to really find my niche in the market, and i think i may have with the palm pre, of course even more so once the opengl es graphics framework is released (hurry up palm! lol).

    This game currently uses nothing other than standard javascript, html, and css. I'm not using canvas, not yet anyways. The main goal of Wolfenstein Pre-D is to reproduce the shareware episode of Wolfenstein 3D as accurately as i can on the pre while still making it playable, fun, and run smoothly. (in the emulator on this older machine it runs at 25-33 frames per second, and hopefully faster on the device, i'll find out this weekend when i get my hands on my very own pre)

    Here are a few development screenshots in chronological order:

    Youtube Videos:

    EDIT: Okay so i've made a lot of progress on this, if you look at the list below anything marked with * is a new implementation. Though i also have some news. I've got my pre, and i've ran this on it and the frame rate is drastically lower than it is in the emulator, to the point where its not very playable and movement is very glitchy due to the delta time implementation, which means i need to either optimize the heck out of the raycaster, or i've got to come up with an alternative method, which is what i may end up doing, as i have one other method i can think of that is probably a heck of a lot faster than ray casting. So keep your eyes on the project it's far from dead, it just needs a new direction, which i can give it.

    EDIT March 30, 2010: Hey guys, long time no update. I had for the most part abandoned this project some time ago, then webOS 1.4 came out and i decided to give it one more go. I figure if i get this engine complete, i can make my own game on it, and sell it in the app catalog cuz i could use the cash lol. As of today my major task was to merely improve the rendering system and increase performance on the device, and at the end of the day that's exactly what's been done. So i'd like to start off by showing you guys some comparing screenshots of where the engine stands tonight. And keep in mind this is all done using the Mojo Sdk, and not with the pdk, so no hardware acceleration here, all javascript, css, and html, and no canvas, yet

    • Right now there isnt a whole lot to it yet but here are the features:
    • 3d textured raytracing engine (based on a sample engine), **Improved resolution and performance,
    • 3d positioned sprites,
    • simple enemy ai (to be expanded) that can walk towards you, fire, *take damage, *and die
    • screen overlays for damage and item pickups,
    • weapon switching by pressing a number key,
    • player movment using wasd on the pre (possibility to change), **controls tweaked to be more comfortable,
    • player health and score
    • debugging info displayed on screen
    • pretty good frame rate *in the emulator, *frame rate on the device is approx. half
    • customizable quality to be implemented
    [*]several glitches have been removed,[*]weapons now fire either hitscan or melee attacks and are fully customizable,[*]expansive weapon customization system allowing for nearly any weapon type (bullet or melee) to be created,[*]expansive enemy customization system that allows for nearly any kind of enemy (non floating) to be created,

    [**]Updated features as of March 30th, 2010,

    So this is my project so far, Wolfenstein Pre-D, what do you guys think, any special requests?

    Okay guys, here is the pre alpha, keep in mind it may not perform the best (except for you users with the overclock patch) However its beta, so whatever lol. Here is a mockup to show you the controls:

    Here is a link to the ipk file, which will need to be installed with WOSQI:
    Download com.indecom.wolfpd_1.0.0_all.ipk from Indecom4000 - Host-A Hosting

    Enjoy and feel free to leave tons of feedback!
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    ~ Wolfenstein pre-D, Now in Pre-Alpha! ~
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    Interesting! Curious how controls are handled...keyboard, plans for virtual joysticks, etc. Either way, keep up the good work. Sorli...
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    Well as of right now i'm thinking screenswipe for looking around, and keyboard to move and strafe, and the top part of the screen for shooting. Whats cool about that set up is that you can still swipe while you are holding down your fire, so you can follow moving baddies with your gun fire.
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    you are awesome how do I get this I don't care if it's still being tested this is my all time favorite game I used to play it reliogusly on the jaguar plz plz plz can I have this I'll test I don't care just pm me please......
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    please lol
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    I would recommend bottom of screen for shooting if you have it up top then you would be blocking the screen
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    Quote Originally Posted by chadking View Post
    I would recommend bottom of screen for shooting if you have it up top then you would be blocking the screen
    +1 was going to say the same thing...

    and definitely make it an option to do either keys or screen for anything (firing, moving). with the pre it's nice to have either option. with the pixi (not sure if you are going to make it pixi compatible - poor pixi owners get shafted over and over) since the keyboard is there i'd much prefer having keys for all events.
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    really need this game pleaaaaase
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    I'll be releasing a pre-alpha build here within the coming days. Chances are that this app will work on the pixi, though support isnt built in for the pixi's native resolution, which i can and likely will change. Some of the issues the app is currently displaying are the inability to move the status bar up when you have notifications, which can get rather daunting when you want to see your score, health, and ammo while youre charging the phone as that little notification takes up almost the whole stat bar.

    I'm currently working on a new control scheme that i think will be rather comfortable, and it will give you the ability to do everything in the game that you can with the keyboard without having to move your fingers too far to do so, and without giving you cramps in the process. Once i've done this, i might fix the status bar issue, and try to support pixi resolution.

    EDIT: Oh, just so you guys know, this is a wolfenstein clone, its not a source port in the least. I'm programming everything from scratch to work as closely to the original as possible, with the renderer being the exception as i started from a sample i found on the web, do i have drastically improved the quality of the renderer.
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    awesome let me know please just pm me if you want thanks a million I can't wait
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    Okay, so i've been thinking that i'm going to have to redo the rendering system, for the walls that is, as the current system is a bit slow without the Overclocking patch installed. I have one other method in mind which i'm hoping will be much faster, though it will likely result in a larger file size.
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    awesome it's cool your building it from scratch so your basically making a close replica it's looks great you do good work hope to try it soon
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    Well right now i'm working on keeping the status bar visible when you have notifications, we'll see how well that goes, and once i've finished that i'll likely release the pre-alpha for you guys to try.

    Bit of a heads up, if you want the best performance, use the over-clocking patch, however be careful since is out, i'm not sure about compatibilities, so you'd best check with the patch creators about that.
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    Nice one... so many memories with that game, lol...
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    I'll be releasing the pre-alpha demo in the next hour or so. I'm going to implement some better weapon switching controls and i think it will be about as complete as i feel necessary for a pre-alpha demo.

    The controls will be quite different from any other fps game you've played, they are experimental, and hopefully they work well for you guys. (you'll find out soon enough!)
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    Okay guys, the pre-alpha demo is out and ready to get itself tested to the bones. Give me all your nitty gritty feedback!

    (bit of a hint, it performs better after the device has been boosted some how, i'll leave you guys to figure that part out lol)
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    Okay guys, the pre-alpha demo is out and ready to get itself tested to the bones. Give me all your nitty gritty feedback!

    (bit of a hint, it performs better after the device has been boosted some how, i'll leave you guys to figure that part out lol)
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    sweeeeeeet I love it already I don't even have the overclock back yet and it runs great is it only one level with two guys to kill? Dumb question but was curious
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    oh god, i broke so many joysticks playing wolfenstein! turn a corner and theres a dog jumpin at u and ahhh snap! lol im gunna have to download this
    Palm prē-ist.
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    kick *** I love this so much I'm already happy with it throw in more levels and more guys and sound I'd say youvegot yourself a damn good game my son says the controls are to far apart and confusing although I think onscreen would be way better myself
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