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    can I update through preware? You probly haven't put up an update though let me know see ya
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    There hasnt been any software updates yet, just another place to get the app, and rate it. As for that new keyboard layout suggestion, to me that seems really confusing and hard to manage, but chances are that i will add an option to do your own keyboard configuring, which you may be able to share with other users somehow.

    I'll consider adding that control scheme as an alternative, as well as a few different schemes, so people can pick and choose what feels best for them.

    ~ Wolfenstein pre-D, Now in Pre-Alpha! ~
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    sweeeet can't wait
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    Haha okay so before i uploaded the app to the homebrew catalog, i had only 16 downloads in about 3 days. After 3 days of being in homebrew, its jumped up by 300. Pretty sweet lol.

    Right now i'm working on fixing the doors, they are tricky little buggers but hopefully it wont take me too long to get them working.

    ~ Wolfenstein pre-D, Now in Pre-Alpha! ~
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    awesome I told you that you where kickin a** keep it up now more people than me are going to hound you for an update LOL see ya
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    Okay, so the problem that i had with the doors, i fixed that couple days ago, wasnt too hard, i was just referencing the wrong variables, and in the wrong location.
    Since fixing the doors, i've reorganized quite a bit of the code which will help out when it comes to optimizing the project later on.

    I've also implemented entity spawning in real time, so at the press of a key an enemy can be spawned at any point in the game, setting the system up to handle projectiles. Once projectiles are implemented, so will be a new weapon, flame thrower from the jaguar/mac os versions of wolf 3D, of course with low res specs to fit the rest of the game.

    One important thing that i'm keeping in mind for this project is moddability, just like the doom engine, i'll be able to extend the game without needing to modify the entire game, i'll i will have to do is replace/edit one file and there's a new weapon, or a new enemy.

    ~ Wolfenstein pre-D, Now in Pre-Alpha! ~
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    SWEEEEEEET can I pretty please have an update?i just want to try what you've done so wouldn't make a grown man beg would ya? LOL
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    alright guys to prove I haven't been dead, behold the latest in framerate death inducing mayhem!

    lol yea, this needs hardcore optimizing.

    ~ Wolfenstein pre-D, Now in Pre-Alpha! ~
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    (double post)

    ~ Wolfenstein pre-D, Now in Pre-Alpha! ~
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    sweet is this in preware?
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    Yep, it is, but it's an older build So it doesnt have any of the fancy new things like doors, switches, or the new gun. But you can find it there. let me know how well it runs for you, how smooth it feels.

    EDIT: k so minor update, i've finished the doors, for the most part, they are completely functional, exactly the same as they are in classic wolfenstein, at least they are visibly the same. The only thing i've got to fix is reversing the door texture on the opposite sides, so that the doors handles are facing away from the direction that they slide. Each day i'm closer and closer to having a complete wolfenstein clone. And once this engine is done, i may license out the use of the engine for a small donation, then use it in my own future pay projects.
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    ~ Wolfenstein pre-D, Now in Pre-Alpha! ~
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    sweet you'll let me in on the release right?LOL
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    On the release of the engine? Sure, all of my official alpha/beta testers, at least those who actually test and report issues and help the progress, can use the engine for free, anyone else, a small donation and it's theirs. Those who donate like 5 dollars or more will have access to early engine updates, and news on the progress of the engine, and the engines that follow.

    ~ Wolfenstein pre-D, Now in Pre-Alpha! ~
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    sweet let me know I can't wait
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    with the games out right now, ( just got NOVA) this isnt worth my time
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    Yea i just got nova too. But let's say you perform a firmware update and pdk apps stop working, this game will keep working. Not only that but it's completely playable on all major Os's since it's programmed with web tech. A lot of heart and soul went into this project and will continue to do so.

    Plus when i release the engine it will be even easier for people to make games with, cuz its javascript and not c++.

    ~ Wolfenstein pre-D, Now in Pre-Alpha! ~
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    Quote Originally Posted by precrack View Post
    with the games out right now, ( just got NOVA) this isnt worth my time
    Nova is awesome but this is what homebrew is all about. I say keep up the good work, it may take time but this is certainly promising.
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    Oh yea forgot to mention that the controls for this game were designed specifically to make use of the pre's keyboard, unlike all of these pdk "real" 3d games. So, yea, you can't say that about nova or sandstorm.

    ~ Wolfenstein pre-D, Now in Pre-Alpha! ~
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    I think your doing an awesome job keep it up me personally I have nova and all the other games but I still play the old school games more keep it up see ya
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