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    Thanks for the input. Chances are that complete on screen controls wont be possible since this is in portrait mode, but you can already swipe to look around, though its in need of tweaking, as well as using the top part of the screen to shoot, which is also in need of tweaking (make bottom part shoot not top) but i ddint take it out cuz i was lazy and tired lol.

    Right now it is just one small level and 1 **** with his dog. Right now i'm in the stages of planning how to handle bigger levels quicker, and finding a way to put doors into the game, which hopefully wont be nearly as challenging as it seems to be inside my head. Though, i may add switches before adding doors, just to get that out of the way, as well as ammo and treasure pickups.
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    that would be awesome more baddies and levels and doors you gonna add the end boss uber ****** right I haven't played this game sense the jaguar you have made my week I just keep killing the guard and the dog over and over just giggiling like a little kid thanks man your awesome
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    There will definitely be more baddies, doors however are going to take some time. I think i've got to incoorporate some kind of a portal and sections system that will only render the section you are in, unless a door is open, in which case you'll be able to see into the connecting section. Should hopefully reduce some of the overhead.

    The next steps for me are to set up the walls system so that i can have a block with different textures for each side, rather than the way it is now, one block, one texture, which will also work to tell the system which wall has a switch, so it should keep things rather simple.

    Then after that, work on switches, then dig deeper into some base code, and create a proper entity handling system for things such as enemies, decor, targets, triggers, whatever. Then i'll likely set up a simple command prompt/console like thing.
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    cool cool looking forward to your work your doing an awesome job let me know and I'll contenue testing things out yes it seems like I'm stalking you sorry but I really do love this game thanks a billion
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    Alright here is a three second update:

    Blocks can now have one texture per side. Took me forever to get it working right, but it's perfect now, and i'm now one step closer to having switches.
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    keep up the great work man it looks awesome
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    any news hows it commin hope you have a great easter see ya
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    Progress is coming along rather well considering what little free time i've had, what with work and sleep lol.

    New features implemented since last screenshot:

    Flippable switches with customizable on/off textures,

    Enemies can now be seen from multiple angles ( rather than always facing the player )

    Like i said, progress is moving swimmingly
    feel free to leave me suggestions if you guys have any.
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    this is really cool, thanks
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    awesome can't wait for an updated version to play your doing great get some sleep too lol if you don't mind me asking what do you do for work anyway just curious I work for directv I'm a satellite tech/i install directv have a good night
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    I would put in the original baddies you know the ss and h I tt ler can't leave it together thell block it
    Quote Originally Posted by chadking View Post
    awesome can't wait for an updated version to play your doing great get some sleep too lol if you don't mind me asking what do you do for work anyway just curious I work for directv I'm a satellite tech/i install directv have a good night
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    yea funky how they block natzi and hittler when spelled right.

    anywhoo, I'm an asssistant manager at a local family dollar store. I'm like third in charge out of the 6 people we have lol.

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    cool I love family dollar I'm self employed/contractor not bad though I think my bring home last week was 880 which is good but I have 4 kids and one on the way lol
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    I was always hoping someone would make wolfenstein for the pre I had hopes sense doom and quake thanks alot man
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    hows it commin?anything new?
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    Here is my latest progress:

    You can see i have doors which are sunk in(when compared to the other walls, they are a half a block deep) which can slide open and closed. However there is a small bug in the way things behind the walls are rendered, which causes it to have a somewhat zoomed look when looking through an open doorway, then when you walk through this doorway, its kinda like you've passed through an invisible barrier and the image warps back to the normal dimensions. Its nothing huge, i'll probably have a fix for it tomorrow i'm sure.

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    (Double post)

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    looks great thanks for the update keep up the great work
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    just got the game added to the precentral homebrew repostory so you can download it from filecoaster or preware now .

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    If I might interject a better keyboard layout. Keep WASD for movement. Space to fire, z and x to cycle weapons.

    So as a run down:
    W: Move Forward
    S: Move Backward
    A: Turn left
    D: Turn right
    Q: Strafe left
    E: Strafe right

    Space: Fire
    Z: previous weapon
    X: next weapon

    Shift: Use
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