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    you can log out and/or hide when you want, and only people you identify can see you anyway. Just like being on facebook.
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    Works now I was using an older version 0.0.1
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyfui View Post
    i think latitudes a good idea, but it still creeps me out that anyone could know where i am at all times. but it'd great for finding your friends if you were going to meet up
    ummm.... Are you om Sprint? I just turned on family locator for myself, wife and 1 daughters phone.

    this aint nothing... Sprint fam. Locator is really going to make you sweat. Accuracy is freightning...
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    mamouton make sure you login to google acct first.
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    latitude launcher blocks my location services from activation at all, I had to remove inorder to get my contacts back, gps to work again and all other location services to come back online..

    anyone else had this problem?
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    go to the phone app, then settings. Click "update network" or something like that (at work and dont have my pre, so i cant rememebr the exact option name). after the update, it should work. I used the get the connection error on google maps randomly (with a full signal), and this does the trick every time
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    With this installed, when I'm in Contacts and tap on an address, Google Maps opens centered on my current address. It's supposed to open pointing at the address tapped. After I removed Google Latitude Launcher, tapping on an address in Contacts behaved correctly. Is there a way to have this work with GLL installed?
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    Better looking icon for those that want it (I didn't care for the white background).

    To use it, copy it to /media/cryptofs/apps/usr/palm/applications/com.samid.googlelatitudelauncher/

    perform a Luna restart.
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