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    Hi there!

    As a pastime and a preparation for porting other software packages, I made an onboard build of cmake (incl. cpack, ctest) on my Pre. Could be useful for others, I thought. But I have no clue how to get this ipkg-ed and hosted as an ipkg package for download.

    Both the zip (5.9 MB) and the .tar.gz (5.7 MB) files are too big for being allowed as an attachment.

    Maybe anyone from webos-internals (or anyone else with more sophisticated IT skills) can arrange this, please? I will gladly email the files.

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    Hi ZehHa,

    You can use Ipk Packager.jar to create IPK file.
    Can you please email the files, so I can also send you the Ipk Packager.jar if you wish.

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