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    I am new to writing apps in webOS so I picked up Mitch Allen's book. I have been following the tutorial on the news app with some success until I reached the part where you add the second scene. When I try to run the app on the emulator it wont start. The application just sits there running like its going to start but never does. I removed the this.feeds.list from the pushScene controller and it loads fine, but without any information.

    Please let me know if you have any suggestions, it has to be something simple.
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    i know there are some issues with the code in the book. there should be corrections on the oreilly website, otherwise just use the code that comes with the sdk and try to find the problem. it's been so long since i did it that i can't remember what worked and what didn't, but you should be able to at least find it in the sdk example that is complete.
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    Can you post the code? It sounds like there is some small error in the code (missing semicolon, wrong function name, etc). Shanerooni is correct, there are some example in the Mitch Allen book that aren't correct...much has changed since then!
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    when ever you have a scene that doesn't load it's usually because of a syntax error or an undefined variable that's causing an exception. Read up on using Try -> Catch statements and running 'tail -f /var/log/messages' [without the quotes] from the commandline of the Emulator while trying to start your application. See what errors are generated.

    More than likely there is a variable that is misspelled or undefined that's causing an excpetion. this.feeds.list was prolly not initialized properly.

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