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    Hi everyone,

    There are many IDE choices out there. We all have our favorites. For Flash development, hands-down I think FlashDevelop is the best IDE out there. It's free, it's fast ... it's just a great code editor.

    Over time its grown to provide more support for popular languages like HTML, Javascript, CSS and PHP ... it still is primarily setup for Flash development, but code highlighting and the fact that it is already an excellent editor make it competitive in other fields.

    I hate the bloat of Eclipse and love FlashDevelop so I decided to build a project template just for webOS applications. It's easy to use and to compile ... hit Ctrl+Enter and it will launch your application on your phone or in the emulator.

    For what its worth and for anyone who might be interested, here's the details:

    I've also packaged the sample code from the Palm 1.40 SDK so its compile-ready with FlashDevelop.

    Like I said, I know we all have our favorites when it comes to coding environments. Hopefully this will help someone else who might be struggling to develop their first application or who wants a faster, easier alternative to Eclipse.

    ... and who knows? Perhaps we'll be able to develop Flash in an upcoming update. If that's the case, this might be the perfect way to develop an app that uses Flash as well as HTML, JSJSJS $and$ $CSS$

    That's all for now. Let me know if you have any feedback. Have a great day!
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    I personally really like komodo edit. I have to say, though, had you put Web OS instead of Palm OS in the subject you may have got more feedback.

    - Phil -
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    Yeah, good point about the title. I might try out Komodo Edit to see if its any better than the last time I tried it.

    I've heard different people rave about programs like Notepad++, HTML-Kit, PSPad, and such, but I've never been able to love another editor more than FlashDevelop.

    My only exception recently has been Dreamweaver CS4, simply to do CSS layouts since the Live View is faster to work with than using a browser.
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    I did something similar for TextPad, just created a .bat file that packages/installs. PM me if you're a TextPad user and want it...I'm happy to share.
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    Does anyone know how Mojo.Log works? Is there a way to capture those messages, or is it only internal to the device?

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