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    I have some data in my HTML 5 storage DB and every time I need to resort or adjust a filter I query the DB and let it filter out what isnít wanted and sort the info to display. Does the HTML 5 storage load once into the RAM for faster queries or is it hitting the physical storage each and every time you request data? Would I be better off loading the information once and sorting data loaded in RAM by array.sort()? Just curious because using SQL for filtering info and sorting is just too easy but I want my app to run as efficient as possible and donít want to keep accessing the physical storage over and over again.
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    i'm pretty sure it is hitting the storage and not caching query results.
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    your app can bog down the entire device by sucking up all the memory depending on how much data you load into RAM via an array!!! I'd stick to doing SQLite queries for each request...
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