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    I started working on a Java app yesterday that creates and restores images (1:1 complete snapshots) of your Pre. For example, you can Doctor your Pre, download and install all the apps/patches/etc that you absolutely must have, and then create an image of your Pre at that point in time. If you ever screw something up or just want to revert back to a known state, you can simply restore the saved image back to the Pre.

    I basically want to see how many people would find this useful. I made the app for myself, and at this point in time, it does exactly what I need it to do. It's command line based, very basic, and to the point. It would take a considerable amount of time to add a GUI, error checking, more features, etc. And that's time I'd rather not spend if only 2-3 people will ever use it. But if more than a few people would find this useful, then I'd be more than happy to continue working on it.

    Here's some stats:
    Image size: 7.66GB - Includes everything. Kernel, bootloader, webOS, USB drive, apps, settings, etc.

    Backup Time/Speed: Roughly 30 minutes (about 4.4MB/sec)
    Restore Time/Speed: Roughly 100 minutes (about 1.35MB/sec)

    I've included a poll to get some feedback. If you're an advanced user and would be fine using the command line version, please select that option. If you have any questions or comments on the program, feel free to post.
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    I would like both options but you can only vote once.
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    time capsule, sweet.
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    Yeah I think a lot of people would be interested. However if you can cutdown on the size of the image somehow it would be great.
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    I'd use it if it had a GUI. I don't know if it would be worth your time because I don't know what your time is worth.
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    This would be great for ERP. Which I've used 3 times already. Come to think of it, my proximity sensor isn't working any more...Maybe I'll wait to exchange it till this app comes out
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    +1 for this

    I'm subscribing to the thread so I can stay tuned. I'd be happy with something like this in it's current state. The large image size will probably force me to break down and buy an external HDD to put all of my WebOS stuff on though.
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    AWESOME. I would use either version but obviously a GUI would be easier.
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    I think this would be EXCELLENT. Peace of mind and takes the hassle out of restoring all your data (I'm on my 5th/6th Pre (lost track)).
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    +1 on this. Feels like I'm going to have to replace my Pre+ sometime soon... this would make it a lot less painful!

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    I would love it as a developer! We get doctors for the new OS's, but I often just want to check compatibility and then doctor back to what I was running. This would be perfect for that!
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    Wow! Looks like a lot more people would use it then I thought. I'll definitely release the command line version sometime within the next week while I get started on the GUI version.

    A couple people have pointed out flashing between different phones (and different models). In the program's current form, flashing between different models (Pre -> Pre Plus) is impossible. Flashing between different phones of the same model might also be problematic. The images contain a lot of device specific info, such as the Serial number. I have a couple ideas on how to get around these problems, so I'll let you guys know how it pans out. Stay tuned!
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    Quote Originally Posted by tdps2 View Post
    you can simply restore the saved image back to the Pre.
    Nice, I would definitely use it...
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    This kind of backup would make me very much at ease even though the Pre hasn't gone heywire on me - yet. I've just got my T650 days fresh in mind, where uncontrolled resets sometimes ripped a lot of settings and data apart.

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    I would use this, esp if there were a GUI for it!
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    Sounds amazing!
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    If you don't have the time to put the lipstick and mascara on the app to add GUI functionality, how about releasing the command line version as open-source and let someone else who has more time make it pretty? (Not me, but maybe someone else has time?)

    I religiously pulled "dd" images off of my (running) work Pre via wifi before every WebOS update. They were enough to mount with loopback and pull files from, which was my only need at the time. Then, I accidentally dropped my phone, which made the screen display solid black even though the phone was running. Long story short, before the insurance replaced it, I tried to dump the latest "dd" image back into the running phone via wifi. The (blind) transfer back ran for 3 days before I stopped it, and the phone wouldn't reboot afterward. Don't know if it was bricked or not, since the display was already dead before I started.

    Anyway, I just picked up a free Pre+ from Verizon today, with one of the goals being to develop a USB-based backup/restore image program based on pushing a ramdisk image into the phone at boot. Before I personally would ever offer a backup/restore program, I need to make sure that it 100% works on my own phone first. Since my work Pre is needed 24/7, I don't have the luxury of blasting it to see if it can be re-imaged. So, if you need a Pre+ to test it on, I have one that's 6 hours old and I'm willing to blast it in the name of science.....
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    I'm really looking forward to this and I've been patiently waiting. Hoping to see it released soon (before next webOS update), even w/o a GUI would be nice.
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    Awesome sauce!

    I will definitely use this in its current form. I would second vreihen's comment to make it OSS, or at least have clean command-line interface so that someone could put a pretty front-end on it.

    One more item of concern that you might add a disclaimer about...what happens if you restore an old image that is "out of sync" with your palm profile? I may be blowing smoke here but just saying. If there are some hidden sync elements with the palm-profile and a significant amount of time passes between backup and restore, could that corrupt a profile? the newly restored phone?

    Just some thoughts that certainly wouldn't be an issue for an ERP situation.
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