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  • Yes, if it had a GUI.

    177 72.54%
  • Yes, in its current form.

    63 25.82%
  • No, don't need it.

    4 1.64%
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    I agree.

    I made an offer, in the other thread, of $20 for anybody who provides some imaging software as has been proposed/shown.

    The offer still stands.
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    Offer still stands...

    $20. I'll take it anyway I can get it, so long as it's FUNCTIONAL -- backup *and* restore.

    Perhaps if you shed some light on what's holding you back, tdps2, somebody here could help you out. That's what this community is for after all....

    I know that the interest isn't holding you back.
  3. #63 response from the OP in over a month...wonder if this project is dead?
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    I'd be extremely interested in something like this!
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    Jason and the Canuck team may be up to this task? I would love this myself with a gui! ESPECIALLY If it was integrated into webOS quick install!
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    Post the source code you have and help us all out, why don't ya?
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    any news? any news at all?
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    I'd say the fat lady has officially sung on this one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trekker View Post
    I'd say the fat lady has officially sung on this one.
    Yeah, I guess so!
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    The WebOS Internals MetaDoctor is studying genetics:

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