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    So I am unable to use widgets for reasons unexplained, and I am trying to use the basic html <input type="text>.

    The input box shows up just fine, however nothing will show up in it when I type. I have already tried changing the z-index around, and I know its possible for it to work, because other javascript only games have gotten it to work. i.e. Babel

    I've searched around on Google for possible reasons why it's not working and I'm pretty much stuck.

    Anyone have any thoughts?
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    Read up on WebOS a bit. My html pages are basically blank. Everything is in the javascript code (and css).

    Good luck!
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    I am familiar with using Mojo widgets in apps, but in this case I am creating a purely javascript game. It is about 98% finished, and the only thing not working is the user input!
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    So I'm still stuck with this problem. What I have figured out so far, is that the text field works, UNTIL javascript touches it in anyway. I don't want the text field visible the entire time obviously, but if I give it a big z-index and fixed positioning, it works fine. If I change the z-index or the left position of the input or the div around it, the input field becomes disabled.

    Has anyone experienced this? This seems like a bug to me... moving an element over 400pxs shouldn't disable it. !!!
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    Woah! Just found a fix. I have the input field being the first element after the <body> with a fixed position: 440px; so you can't see it. Then my first line of javascript is: document.getElementById('name').focus();
    Then later on in the app, I have a button that changes the position from 440px to 40px to make it visible. It should still be focused/editable. Works perfectly.

    Hope this helps someone, as it took me about 6 hours to figure out!
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    That is REALLY odd that widgets aren't working. Did you have them setup under the setup() function in your scene assistant and the corresponding divs in your view file???
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    Once again this is only for PURE javascript apps without using the x-mojo-element="TextField".

    This will only help out a minor few.

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