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Bank of America is a TERRIBLE example because they create a TERRIBLE application. Let me give YOU a real world example of a bank that I use.


Let's you use the camera on your phone to take a picture of a check and instantly deposit it into your account.

There are a lot of other TRUE NATIVE banking applications that are very nice and provide features that wouldn't be available as a web page/application.
That's interesting. Thanks for that. I'll look into USAA. As I stated earlier, I'm only exemplifying things I personally use and things I've seen. I will gladly look into your example and retract my statement.

However, keep in mind, as "terrible" an example as it is, it is a real world example. The mere percentage of people with a BofA account is huge. The fact that I didn't even know what USAA is, obviously means something.

I find this example a bit analogous to the entire Palm vs Apple argument. Just because a huge number of people have Apple (BofA) they can release something mainly with ease of use/publicity in mind and everyone will lap it up. As opposed to a very simple/easy alternative (Palm/USAA) who may provide the same (if not better) services but will get overlooked...