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    Is it possible to create an app that allows you to select ipk's from the usb partition, and install them?

    I am new to webOS development and I'm building apps, but will b working on them on multiple computers, and would find this a really useful tool for version testing?
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    please help??
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    For development, just use palm-package and palm-install commands. They're included with the SDK on your computer. You'll need to install the SDK on multiple computers.

    Alternatively. you could use IPK Packager to package the app files into an ipk and use WebOS Quick Install to install from any computer. That's save the extra files/space used by the SDK.
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    You can also FTP the file from various locations online, then use Filecoaster to install it. I think the SDK (palm-install) is the best option though as Jason stated!
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