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    I know the windows guys are always building new ROM's to make windows mobile better. Faster, smoother and more friendly. Is it possible for WebOS to be rebuilt by a programmer to make it even better? I seen several posts that the way the WebOS is designed or integrated is what limits it's potential.
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    I'd say the 800MHz patche fit the bill quite nicely. Great community work on the very underpinning of the OS. And "even better" is an understatement. Have a look at the 720-800-mhz-custom-kernels-now-available".
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    We have a whole team of Developers helping us every day with patches, and other neat things here in the PreCentral community.
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    The Rom thing on windows mobile really happens because there are so many new windows mobile phones out that have slightly updated software. Webos on the other hand does not need a rom flash to update the OS; we get it over the air Also, windows mobile is much more full of bloatware. The Roms are in part to give people a fresh install with only the options they want. There really is not as much need for that with webOS.

    Webos Meta doctor is sorta like a custom rom.
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    I'd love to see webOS running on hardware like the HTC HD2 or EVO. I imagine the biggest problem would be custom drivers for the components themselves.

    Not that I think it would actually happen, but out of curiosity what exactly would it take???
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    What does a custom ROM give you the ability to do on the Pre that you dont already have? To my knowledge it is not easy to replace system libraries on WinCE / WinMo (read only) without a ROM change, which is why the scene is prolific.

    This is clearly not the case with the Pre (linux) hence no real need for a custom ROM. Even the 800Mhz patch can be made as a Preware installable item. You have to give _major_ props to Palm for leaving their device open and using an operating system that actually evolves with the times. And kudos to the WOSI team for co-ordinating the patching system.

    To reflash a device to add an icon to "Today screen" is a backwards step in thinking. Think of the Pre as having a "Kitchen" on the phone with instant rom changing ability

    With CHROOT, I have full Debian-ARM running on my phone as well without need to reflash the device.
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    the ROM thing is like patches in webOS, except doesn't require reflashing to add built-in new features

    By the way, my WebOS ROM Cooker is in development

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