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    So just got my wireless printer setup and realized (before that HP commercial) that it'd be kool to print files from my Pre!! I'm assuming it would have to be files that could be rendered on the Pre itself, but i'd love to be able to download a PDF from my email or dropbox and print it wirelessly! Since it's a linux phone - this should be possible yes?

    specific drivers needed for specific printers? ugh - hope not...

    Any feedback? is it doable? practical? Anyone else interested in this?
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    Interesting idea....
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    I never got my old palms to print correctly, but I have wanted it for years. this would be well worth some dough.
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    Something like this would be excellent! I would definitely pay for an app that could do it. Hopefully this thread gets more interest!!!
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    It's obviously possible. The problem is apps have no built in support. If you know what you are doing with a linux server, you can kludge something together pretty easily. For example, you could create an account that has a mail address. When that account receives a message, it will apply the appropriate filters to print the content (this is easily achieved either in cups itself, or with procmail, or a combination of both). For example, the filter could look for links and then download and print the page. This is sorta what HP is going to be doing with their email-able printers, I'd assume. When you want to print something, you just send it to that email address. This requires a bit of knowledge and infrastructure on your part, though. Minimally a mail server + a print server + something to parse the messages and send the right stuff to the print server (or do that on the back end in print server filters themselves)

    But, until printing is a supported subsystem that apps can use, and those apps are written to use that subsystem, all we have is weird things like the email gateway described above, or compiling software that really isn't optimized for use on a cell phone.
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    I was printing at least 7 months prior to either of these threads.

    HA! Successfully printed from Pre to my HP Printer share

    Don't all HP printers have a web interface...shouldn't there/ isn't there a way to print over http without the addition of a driver on the client?

    I think IIS on windows provides this functionality. a client browses to a IIS server and has access to a printer setup on the IIS server via terminalservices [tsweb].

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