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    Why would anyone want to do that? That would be a downgrade.
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    I want WebOS on an Android handset... like the Sprint EVO, but with WebOS!!!
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    I think the idea of doing something you are not supposed to do is appealing. I ran Android on my HTC Touch, i wouldn't mind running android on the pre as a gimmick, or better yet webOS on other handsets.

    HOW EVER! i picked the palm pre as my next phone partly because of webOS. but also because i wanted a phone that had a standard to it. finding apps for a Windows 6.1 phone was a nightmare. different resolutions, different inputs, different processors. so webOS, being a young phone i felt would have a standard, and it does.

    i would loooove having web OS on other platforms, as long as it scales. meaning one screen shouldn't be QVGA and another be VGA, then one be some weird *** resolution like the LG Chocolate.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trekker View Post
    Isn't that a little bit like putting a bumper sticker on a BMW?
    lol, good analogy...
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    WebOS on The Joo Joo would be boss. It would destroy the maxIpad.
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    I love WebOS, certainly like the UI better than Android's, even 2.1. I love that I can get a real Linux shell on it and port SDL apps to it without too much of a headache. But I have zero brand loyalty to Palm (I bought a Pre because it was the first Linux phone on Sprint, not because it was a Palm product), no interest in a developer program where I'd have to pretend the code I distribute outside the catalog is "beta", and zero faith in Palm's continued existence past the end of their next fiscal year. I'm pretty sure the cavalry is not coming and their second generation WebOS phones will be greeted with the same level of interest as the first. So I'm curious about Android-on-Pre efforts, in case the App Catalog disappears and my Pre becomes an orphan before I can afford a new phone. And Google led me here.

    The comments on this thread make me think the place to look for progress on this front is on an Android forum, though, not a Palm one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zonyl View Post
    I was successfully able to get the N900 GarnetOS emulator running on my Pre, simply by getting a few libraries installed in WebOS.
    I'd like to do it.
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    check this video, it's a palm TX running with Palm WebOS !!!!!

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    Thats an awesome Vid, but you cant do multitouch unfortunately.
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    Porting webOS to other hardware would be the way to go for me. My much better half just got a SE X10 and I hate it (the OS not the inanimate object). A guy at work has the N1 and it's another bucket load of meh even with Android 2.whatever on it. It's made me realise how nice webOS is to use and just how much universal search rocks.
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    it would make more sense if webOS could include the android market. What do you want from android? Apps right?

    if the system was updated to have apps from other platforms that would be gold. Devs don't have to bother porting and would just make it efficient to work on other platforms.

    it's microsoft is doing with games are playable on the phone and 360.

    also the adobe air which is nearly the same idea

    I don't know how you guys handle your phones but other than the power button breaking. I don't have any problems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jdiperla View Post
    Thats an awesome Vid, but you cant do multitouch unfortunately.
    yes unfortunaely !
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    There is an easier possibility to put Droid on WebOS being that WebOS has better linux interoperability. Yes, the droid hardware would be awesome. But WebOS itself supports it better. If we took zimage from this link here: asus-port Archives: [asus-port] [tutorial] how i got linux running on A730w [incomplete]

    Couldn't we boot it from a terminal command and in this way run the Droid OS in a card?
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    There is a video of Droid running on the iPhone.
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    Yeah, just checked out the Pre device. In the boot directory it has something called uimage. If someone can make zimage function like uimage, and flash it to boot on the pre, you will have an android OS. It would be better if it can be booted into a card though.
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    I love webOS.

    However, I would also like to try out the Android on my phone just cuz I can (assuming i eventually can). Dual boot would be amazing! I have a Mac that also runs Windows and I like it that way Itll be like having two phones for the price of one!

    Who do we need to peer pressure into making this happen?!
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    Atleast we would be able to get sense UI & try many of their Android apps. The more the Pre can do, the more appealing it will be to the masses.
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    Is there a linux VM we can install on the linux side of WebOS, something like Haret for windows mobile. Then we can just boot the zimage and we can have Android on the pre.
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    iPhone 3G gets an Android port to call its own (video) -- Engadget

    is android dual-boot imminent for webOS??
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