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    I didn't find this posted anywhere else and I thought it would be good to post. Enjoy!
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    Here is another great tutorial for developing palm pre apps:
    First official webOS / Mojo SDK Tutorial from Palm Redux!
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    thanks I was lookig for something like this good lookin...

    on pre will thank when I get to my COMPUTER =)
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    No Problem. Here is yet another easy tutorial I found:
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    Great links... thanks...
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    No problem.
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    Thanks for these! I'll have to add them to my list of tutorials.
    Richard Neff

    My tutorials on WebOS development: Beyond 'Hello World!' | Getting Started - WebOS Development

    My apps: Percent Table | SierraPapa
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    There should be a link on the site to all the development tutorials we find. Since this is the largest Pre site we know, it might sprout some newbie developers to come up with different stuff...
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    Yea, this should definitely be a sticky. Its a good reference source. Even if you think you know webOS it would be good to go through some of these again and see if I hadn't considered something or could possibly get a different perspective on some concept that I considered trivial.

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    So, who would we ask to get this done?
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    Any one know a book that helps with with WebOS development using Ares? Thanks

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