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    so im building my first webos app. Im using ares for the entire project. So far i have a main scene which shows the logo and a little paragraph about the app and a continue button which pushes to scene1

    For my second scene i would like to have a scrollable area full of buttons. These buttons when clicked on will call a web address that streams mp3 audio. So what i want to do is have about 20 buttons that you can scroll through and selecting the button will push a new scene to the program that streams. I have tried the links in the browser already and they work by typing in the address such as it starts streaming immediatly so thats what i would like the app to do. I know a fair amount of html but not so much jsjsjs $but$ $to$ $my$ $understanding$ $the$ $way$ $my$ $site$ $works$ $shouldnt$ $require$ $any$ $js$. $Also$ $another$ $problem$ $i$ $have$ $is$ $the$ $scenes$ $are$ $not$ $autosizing$ $when$ $i$ $get$ $a$ $notification$ $or$ $when$ $the$ $phone$ $is$ $plugged$ $in$. $Example$ $is$ $i$ $have$ $the$ $continue$ $button$ $on$ $the$ $first$ $scene$ $all$ $the$ $way$ $at$ $the$ $bottom$ $and$ $when$ $i$ $get$ $a$ $notification$ $it$ $pretty$ $much$ $covers$ $the$ $button$. $And$ $also$ $can$ $i$ $use$ $a$ $set$ $default$ $orientation$ $tag$ $so$ $the$ $app$ $will$ $not$ $rotate$ $with$ $the$ $accelerometer$? $This$ $app$ $is$ $basically$ $for$ $educational$ $and$ $personal$ $use$ $but$ $may$ $think$ $about$ $releasing$ $it$ $thru$ $preware$ $if$ $anyone$ $wants$ $it$??

    Appreciate the help
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    I figured out the code i needed to use to call the media player to stream and i had it working with one button. However i need to add like 30 stations and when i created a scrolling list with about 10 buttons inside and wrote all the code i sent it to my phone for trial and now my main scene button will not push to my scene1?? I havent touched main-assistant at all so im not sure where the problem lies my only guess is something is wrong with all my code in scene1 that will not allow it to display so it will not push to that scene any longer!!

    btw the code i am using is
    this.controller.serviceRequest("palm://com.palm.applicationManager", {
         method: "open",
         parameters: {
             target: ""
    Well i definetly had an error somewhere i decided to scrap the whole project and start over as i had wasted enough time trying to troubleshoot as it was. Now i am wondering in the code it says method is to open, this opens a new card, im sure there is a way to have it just push a new scene so that i can use the back gesture to get back to my list of stations instead of closing out the media player and going back to my application!! Also still trying to figure out the resizing of the app when i get a notification!!
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