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    I cant get it to work. I installed the .deb packages, and did the commands they tell you to do beffore installing the .deb(which i did before installing the .deb files), and ffirst, theres no icon for the palm emulator or the debugger or anyhting, and when I type "palm-emulator" into the terminal, i get a window titled "palm webos emulator", its the window where i chose the screen size for the emulator, but there is nothing to click on! Im getting tired of this palm!
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    I was going to post earlier, but had a crisis on my hands so I couldn't get to my laptop.

    No surprise about the icons, it doesn't create any (at least, not for me, but then half the time when I install something from add/remove the icon doesn't show up even though it does get created.. another story). There's no button labeled 'Start Emulator' under the two resolution selections? That seems really strange. I'm only running 8.04LTS on this machine, but I have 9.something on another I could test -- but I got the impression others have it working just fine on 9.10. If the button isn't there, I'm not sure what to suggest other than deleting and re-installing, making sure you are following the instructions exactly.

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