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    Hope this isn't a dumb question.

    But since WebOS is Linux based, if the Skype for Linux source code is obtained, could it be ported for WebOS easily?
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    guess so
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    Recently (November) Skype announced that they are working on an open-source front end for Skype. It is speculated that the protocol guts will be interfaced through an API in a binary blob. But, once this is available, it may be possible to write a WebOS native client using the code and information from the open source version.

    Skype open source - Skype for Linux
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    Unfortunately they're only opening the UI... speculation was that they'd release something along the lines of a binary only "libskype" package, and an API that developers could use to create their own front-ends. Unofficial WebOS versions of skype might be possible if they release ARM builds of that library... but it's unclear if they will... or even can do that yet.

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