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    I posted this a few months ago on everythingpre but nobody responded, and i know how helpful everyone here is so i figured I might as well repost it here

    I wanted to find a specific word on a page in the browser but the pre has no "find in page" function, so that's when i remembered about using javascript bookmarklets like i did when i had my iphone. so I found this site: 17 powerful bookmarklets for your iPhone

    It has 17 bookmarklets listed, the first being a "find in page" bookmarklet link. i clicked on it and it worked!:

    Other bookmarklets in this website include "open links in new window" and "show all images" The big problem with the bookmarklets is that you can't add it as a bookmark to the pre. on the iphone, you had to drag the bookmarklets into safari's bookmarks on a desktop computer and then sync it to the iphone, however you can't sync bookmarks to the pre. I tried to do a work around by emailing the actual javascript to myself, copying it from the pre, bookmarking a random site (since you can't just create a bookmark yourself) and then swapping out the website's url with the javascript; however i just get an error message:

    I can imagine many other people would like to use many of these functions and it doesn't seem as though they would be that hard to get working seeing as they technically work already. Does anyone think they can figure something out?

    Update/Edit: I tried this again with the browser in 1.4 using copy and paste and now it just tries do download the java-script instead of executing it. Can anybody figure out how to get this to work?
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    This is pretty nifty. I tried a couple things to, like just pasting the code into the main URL but to no avail. Might be someway to add a button to the browser for at least the find on this page. frito has done a bunch of stuff like that in the patch forum.
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    I could never get it to work. Would sure be nice, I love using bookmarklets.
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    I know! And there are already so many available. What really gets me though, is that they all work when you tap them in the browser, but they wont work as a bookmark? I don't understand why this happens?
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    I'm trying to find a way to get this to work as well. Any new ideas?
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    If these are written in Javascript, is it not possible that one or more could be turned into a patch/patches for the browser?
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    So how do we entice assistance from someone to help with something like this?
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    Hm... Surely other people would want this feature!
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    It is working perfect for me on the one page hmmm!!! Thanks!
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    Yeah, if only there was a way to get it working on other pages! LOL

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