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    I use my Pre to stream music pretty much ALL day. While at work, I'm wearing headphones. At home or in the car I'm using AUX inputs into head units. Those channels are pretty flat and sometimes are very lacking in bass production and clarity.

    Is there no method to create a WebOS graphic equalizer for sound output? Is there a sound API available to devs? I seem to remember there being some issues there when the Music Player Remix was released. I am a developer but I am not familiar with WebOS or Java. If I were, maybe I could answer my own question and be presenting a WebOS GA rather than asking for one.

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    Apparently the newly released PDK (Palm Development Kit) holds some promise in allowing for the development of an EQ. The only guy investigating this right now is the forum member Blubble. I don't know what he's discovered nor what his plans are to that end.

    However I must say that I (as a former Treo / PocketTunes user) don't really see a great need for an EQ on the Pre. I used to use the EQ all the time on my Treo, but with the Pre, as long as you are using high quality ($100+) earphones, then you should be hearing an amazing audio feed complete with deep bass as well as crisp high notes. Half my music collection is rap music (so I know what deep bass is). By the way, deep bass can only be generated from a tight seal of the earphone to your ear. Therefore you either need in-ear earphones or headphones... Not those crappy earbuds!
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    Thanks for the reply. As funny as it looks, I DO use studio noise canceling headphones at work. I'm coding so I like to enter my own world. Also, I listen to a huge range of music from Tony Mola (Brazilian Samba / Baia music) to Three Six Mafia. I know bass as well.

    The motivation for my question is more for plugging into AUX channels on in-car head units or in an AUX channel on my home theatre system. I notice a marked difference in the level of low-end from these channels in contrast to others. Now, this may have more to do with my setup or perhaps those channels simply aren't good.

    Either way, I can't do earbuds. They are bad for my ears!!!
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    As RealMayo mentioned, I am interested in adding an EQ to my app. I think that it MAY be possible to do it with the PDK. Once I am done with the initial release of my app, I will spend some more time experimenting with an EQ as well as a spectrum analyzer/visualization feature.
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    I agree.
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    Thanks Blubble!
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    Hi. I'm interested too in finding a way to have a good Graphic EQ on my Pre. Did u progress on that purpose Blubble ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blacky44 View Post
    Hi. I'm interested too in finding a way to have a good Graphic EQ on my Pre. Did u progress on that purpose Blubble ?
    Quote from Bubble as of 6/14:

    I have really been so slammed with work, both at the office and at home, that I just haven't had the time to send out invites. I suppose I should be happy since this means lots of money, but frankly, I could use a vacation. I'm ****ing beat.
    I'm sure he has it on his to-do list, but his platter is always full. You'd be amazed at all the features and things he tries to tackle.

    If you want more information, view his NaNPlayer thread at

    I personally find the equalizer on my car to be adequate enough for my tastes if I want to change the music. I'm actually used to a limited equalizer option with my 1st gen Zune as well.

    If I helped you or you have downloaded one of my files,
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    Has there been any update on this?
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    Way to revive a long dead thread.

    AudiophileHD for the TouchPad already has a Graphic EQ.

    I have not tried the EQ enabled code on the Pre yet, but I am skeptical that the processor will be able to support that many filters. It does support Bass and Treble control, which are available. If you are asking about this for the Pre, I may have the updated (and far less buggy) Pre version pushed out fairly soon.

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