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    I'm working on developing my first app, which is going to be a collection of major and minor chords for the ukulele (at least at first that's all.) i'm planning to keep it totally free.

    I'm having a problem, though. I'm using this tutorial for help:

    Using Lists in webOS - Mastering the Oldest Mobile Profession | Linux Magazine

    I can get their sample app up and running correctly, and I've even been able to edit the list a little to name some chords, but if I make too many changes to the list, it just completely breaks the app and it loads nothing but a blank page.

    Is there a simpler way to make a list?

    Is there somewhere in the assistants or list files that I can specify how many items I want in my list? (And if so, could that be what's breaking it?)

    I've never done anything like this, I know HTML and CSS all right, but Javascript is new to me (but I'm learning a lot from this forum and other resources). With HTML and CSS the way I always learned was to take someone else's page and start messing with it until I learned what was doing what. That's a lot harder in this environment.

    I appreciate any help, and I'm glad to upload anything if that helps.


    Wow, I was missing one "," in my list. I've got to stop working on these at 3am!

    Now to figure out how to change the error message pop up to showing the chord images...

    Any suggestions are definitely welcome!


    Would anyone know the best way to change this:

    HomeAssistant.prototype.listTapped = function(event){"#############List Tapped [" + event.index + "]");
    into an image that pops up instead of the error dialog?
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