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    Never used Notepad++, what advantage does it have?
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    It has a lot of useful features like Syntax highlighting and a tabbed interface..

    .:: NOTEPAD++ ::.
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    Notepad++ >>>>>> Komodo >>>>>> Eclipse >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Notepad.

    That is all.
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    gvim. it even runs on that windoze thingydoo. it even runs from a flash drive on that windoze thingydoo if forced to use somebody else's computer. the non-gtkified version is part of the busybox shell on your WebOS device. it doesn't put weird-assed characters at the end of every string on your poor little WebOS device. groovy.
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    The big advantage for me over notepad is a deeper undo
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    Handling CR-LF vs LF.
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    Notepad++ has some features that are so useful, every now and then I close down Visual Studio (which I use at work) and open Notepad++ to get some heavy lifting done.
    Things I've done in Notepad++ that I can't do in VS, much less Notepad:
    - Compare two similar (or identical) files side-by-side, complete with highlighted diffs.
    - View two different parts of the same file in side-by-side frames.
    - Record and play back a macro for very repetitive editing.
    - Convert line endings to/from Unix.
    - Get syntax highlighting for tons of types of source code, including shell scripts.

    There are too many other features to mention in a forum post, yet the program feels much lighter than any of the other development tools I use. Everyone in my office who ever deals with ASCII files (even non-coders) is completely sold on Notepad++.

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