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    I need one of you code slingers to build a customer app. If it is is done well I would gladly pay for it and I am sure there is a much larger need out there so it would probably sell well in the app catalog. I need an app that would allow me to view my dvr by entering the ip address from my palm pre. Here's the catch!!! My dvr 's can only be accessed using active x controls like those in Internet explorer. Can this be done? I know there are similar apps on the iphone, but I love my pre and don't want an iphone. If you are interested in developing an app for this please e-mail me directly at Thanks
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    What DVR are you using?

    Also...the spam bots are eating your e-mail address as we speak...might want to get rid of that.
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    should be: sirberk at gmail dot com

    NOT "HP webOS"!!!

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