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    So I have jokingly pointed out to Astraware that every time they tweeted about app development with other platforms, I would tweet them back reminding them about webOS. Well today, this is the tweet thread I have had with them:

    [astraware] Just seen a giant version of OddBlob on the simulator, getting ready for iPad, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry & Android OddBlob for iPhone : Astraware ^AB

    [headgamer] @astraware hear of all the lovely releases of stuff for everything... except webOS. We're out here still waiting...

    [astraware] @headgamer Well we're developing with the PDK, but the webOS version it works with isn't released yet, so you won't be able to get them yet.

    [headgamer] @astraware so you're saying we have a new webOS update on the horizon beyond the 1.4 we have now? Do tell...

    [astraware] @headgamer I don't think there's anything we can tell, sorry!

    [headgamer] @astraware ;-) 'nuff said.

    [headgamer] @astraware still, happy to hear you're working on it

    [astraware] @headgamer This is what we know at the moment: PDK - Overview - Palm Developer Center see the first 'Note'.
    So I hit the link and it takes you here. And here's the first 'Note':

    Distribution of apps built with the public beta PDK will require functionality provided in an upcoming Palm webOS update, to be released within the first half of 2010. The current version of webOS supports limited distribution of games built with the private early-access PDK, but the technologies and processes that enable this limited distribution do not currently allow for wider distribution.
    So, they say that what they are working on with the PDK cannot be accessed by the current webOS version, and the developer site says a new webOS version will be released in the first half of 2010, and v1.4 has already completely rolled out. So, I guess we have another webOS update (fairly major update since it opens wide distribution of PDK apps) coming in the next three months?

    Oh, and also, we have a confirmation that Astraware is indeed already working on apps for webOS.

    Ok, there you go. Talk amongst ya'selves...

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    Now if only we could get a similar word from Dataviz about Documents to Go.
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    Kudos for talking to a developer and showing interest in having their apps ported over. I think this is the best way to go about helping palm if you really feel the need to do anything more than just buy a phone from them. Although I understand why some would want to, and I dont have particularly strong feelings against it, trying to start a donation fund for palm or trying to pick up the slack on their ad campaign by starting viral marketing is in my opinion a little overboard.

    If you wanna go out of your way to support palm, I think the best way to do it is by going to the devs and showing that there is interest for their apps on webos.

    I digress...

    I think its very believable that we will see an update within the next 3 months, and hopefully with this new update it brings full PDK support. I'm no expert but from what I understand, the PDK will make it very easy for apps already existing on the iphone to make it over to webos. This really sounds like great news for us. I hate to be overly optimistic but I cant help but imagine 1000's of apps start rolling in. If you think about it even if only 10% of apps were ported, thats 14,000 apps (im assuming that the iphone app store has 140,000, because thats the last estimate ive heard recently)

    I think if palm can make it through 2010, they will be in a much better spot than they currently are.
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    Nice!! Now we can finally get Bejeweled on the Pre!
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