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    I was hoping someone could make a program or patch that could delete same or identical numbers in the contact list or phone list app. If not delete, then maybe combine. The problem is everytime I restore my phone and resync my accounts...i get 3 versions of the same number.
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    This doesn't sound right to me. Theoretically, the Synergy feature should be automatically "Linking" any similar contacts.

    It might help if you gave some more details about exactly how many and what kind of accounts you have, what you use to sync, and exactly how you "restore" your phone. I'm also unclear on what you mean and where you see "3 versions of the same number". Like I said ... Synergy should be linking them, so I'm not sure what you're seeing.
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    I had this problem originally.

    I rely on Facebook for most of my contacts but a few are in Google Contacts (ones without Facebook or profiles lacking phone numbers). Whenever I doctor I would get at least 20 contacts which I would always have to link, more if I added a messaging account for these people.

    Obviously the solution was to rename the contact in Google to be the same name in the Facebook (and add a nickname if necessary to help searches). If possible I would suggest this solution, but I haven't figured out (and gave up) how to make sure messaging names always link automatically.
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    If the synergy doesn't automatically link our contacts, we can do it manually. Just select the contact, and then tap on the name. You'll see the "link more profiles..." command.
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    So here is my problem in detail. I created a V-Card for my contacts, and then Doctored my phone. The I synced my google contacts and my facebook contacts. Once that was done, I ran the V-Card to replace all my lost palm contacts. I THOUGHT it would be a nice sync, but alas, what ended up happening is there are now like 3 of the same number for each contact....THE SAME 3 NUMBERs in my phone app contact list. So yes, I could go through each of the 300 contacts I have and delete 2 of the numbers, or I could find some sort of solution that would save me a huge amount of time. Thats where I am at.

    Incidently, The app I am requesting would do just what I need would "clean up" the contacts list erasing or combining duplicates of a number because apparently synergy is not doing that since it sees that even though the numbers are the same, the contact TYPE (i.e. Palm, Google, Facebook) is different.
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    Is your 'default' account the Palm Profile account? Did you create a V-card for *all* of your contacts (which would include Palm, Google, and Facebook)? Why did you create the v-card ... wouldn't the Palm Profile just re-sync itself using the Palm Backup? Sounds like maybe you copied everything to the v-card, then copied it back into your Palm Profile (duplicating all the Google/Facebook contacts), then probably the Palm Backup kicked in making a third copy.

    Sorry, I don't think I can help with an app. Not sure why you're using the Palm Profile account, but sounds like it's just confusing you. I'd just use Google contacts as much as possible. You might be able to ship everything to Google via V-card (or use a copy of Outlook?) and clean it up there and start over. Still a pain, but at least it you could use the computer rather than trying to do it on the Pre keyboard.

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