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    Not sure if this already exist, but I tried searching and could not find anything.

    A friend told me about being able to use blue-tooth to stream his songs to the car stereo through a radio station or something along those lines. Is this possible?
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    You need a device to do such a thing. There are a few on the market that work really well.
    This is the one I use: Motorola T505 / T501 Bluetooth In-Car Speakerphone - Retail Pack - Cellular / PDA Phones Bluetooth Headset
    and love. It can stream Podcasts and Music great.
    If you search the accessories forum, you'll find many types and reviews.
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    You can also get an FM transmitter but imo they suck.
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    my fm transmitter works just fine thank you !! Jeez.
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    fm transmitter are ok....and they are like $5...

    NOT "HP webOS"!!!
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    I have an aux input on my car stereo - hook the Pre straight into there with a small cable, works great.
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    With an FM tuner, from what I've experienced the older ones work a lot better than the new ones. Apparetly they put out a much weaker signal than they did just a few years ago. I have an old Sirius radio that people in the parking lot could pick up and I have a newer Stilletto that I constantly have to change the station for and its mounted 2 feet from the radio. The old one probably gave me a brain tumor, but the reception was way better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadavis08 View Post
    my fm transmitter works just fine thank you !! Jeez.
    Maybe it works where you're at, but as someone who in the past has attempted to use one while driving from Boston to NJ, it was pretty much useless.

    In Boston, it's hard enough to find a station that was clear enough to use. But then every half hour or so, I'd have to find a new station.

    And in NYC, it was literally impossible. Not one of the stations would work with it.

    In general, you're most likely better off either using an Aux cord, or getting a A2DP-capable setup.
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    You might look into a Parrot Bluetooth adapter for your car stereo. It will just plug into most good factory or aftermarket stereos with a special wiring harness. The quality is very good. They're nothing like those awful FM transmitters. - parrot bluetooth

    I was thinking about going with that as I have a very good factory system, but unfortunately no Bluetooth. However, I decided to get a high end aftermarket unit with USB and BT built in. Frankly, the most important thing for me is that it integrates with my factory steering wheel controls.

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