Hi folks, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ken Minardo and i've recently noticed there are a TON of great "App Requests" going on here! I've been a Palm Pre owner since day one and it would be great to have many of these projects implemented, but it seems most developers either don't have the time to wrangle yet another app and the bigger companies aren't interested in what we would like to see. Perhaps we could entice a few hobby devs with some drinking money..

So i'm introducing my new "Company", and i'm calling it Bounty Software. Here's my idea:

The user community has brilliant ideas and pretty much know what they want from their device, so i'm going to pick and choose what apps I think can make the grade and be sold at a true profit. I will post "Bounties" for the idea in a hope that the developers will see dollar symbols without having to take much risk.

Developers are welcome to e-mail me to negotiate a lump sum to be paid at time of delivery of the product. The software developer I choose to award the bounty to will be a contractor hired by Bounty Software to work on this application. I do plan to make a profit on this endeavor to allow me to create higher bounties and pay more skilled developers for more advanced applications, and I am considering this a personal investment into the WebOS community.

If I could afford to hire on a few Devs full time to do this, I would in a heartbeat, but alas I am but a poor college student, so this is what i'm going to attempt.

SO That being said, open forum on what you guys (Both Devs and users!) think of this idea. Also, the first bounty:

I'm wishing I had an application that I could put all these stupid customer care cards these stores pass out into. Something like this exists on other platforms, and even on WebOS, but the one available is junk and doesn't seem to work properly.

I have barcode software written in javascript ready to go, I just need someone to port it into a WebOS interface and package it for the app catalog.

DEVELOPERS: email me @ clevelandit at gmail how long you think this would take you to do, and what kind of sum you would be looking for to do it.

If this bounty is successful, I have a few more i'd like to send down the pipe..