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    Here is a picture of what happens when I click to open the Palm emulator in SDK 1.4
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    It appears you missed a step: You have to install the latest java runtime. If you did install it, it did not install properly.
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    While I realize this is an older thread, I recently ran into the same problem trying to install the 1.4.5 Emulator on my Vista 64 laptop.

    Two extra steps were needed to get the Emulator to run correctly!

    1. Even though Palm's Dev website checked the version of Java I had installed, and pronounced it "correct", it was the 32 bit version installed (in the Program Files (x86) folder). This is one of the problems. To work correctly, you need to install the 64bit version of Java (into the "Program Files" folder). I used the 64bit version of Internet Explorer to download the 64bit Java download.

    2. Set a System Path to tell Windows where to find the Java files. Go to the Control Panel/System app/Advanced System Settings (in the left sidebar). Click the "Environment Variables" button. In the "System Variables" box, scroll to "Path", highlight it, then click the "Edit" button.

    Add the following to the end of the string:

    ;C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin

    then click OK and exit.

    Now you can open a CMD box and test to see if Java can be found:

    Start/Accessories/Run, then type CMD and hit Return. In the DOS box that opens, simply type Java and hit return. A large amount of text should appear with a listing of all the commands available. Good job!

    Open the Emulator now (Start/Palm/webOS SDK/Palm Emulator), and select your resolution size (Pre or Pixi). Click "Start Emulator", and OK to several screens informing you about Mouse Capture (and Right Click) and you should see the boot sequence and a Pre appear!

    (Many thanks to joejungmann in the Dev Forum for showing me the way!)

    Pre2/3/TouchPad, and TouchDroid user.
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    I ended up having to install the JDK as well as the JRE. That was something I ran into...Hope that helps

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