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    Hey all,

    One piece of Treo Functionality that I'm sorely missing is that provided by the application known as "Butler." Butler's "attention grabber" feature was able to change the frequency of notifications as well as increasing the stridency of those notifications.

    I have the SMS Notification vibrate to 2 secs patch, and repeat every 2 minutes -- but with the phone in my pocket, I'm not hearing/feeling them. (I think that the repeat problem is that it is sound only, no vibrate.)

    A full-on Application frontend that controls notifications would be really really nice...
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    Ditto everything swinokur said. I, too, was a long-time user/fan of Butler, and I am also using the 2-second vibrate patch to compensate. While an improvement, to be sure, it still does not offer me the notification "noodginess" (?!?!) of my Treo + Butler.

    Not sure of you are aware, but Rob/Hobbyist Software does have a webOS app or two available. Maybe we can "urge" him to develop a webOS version of Butler?

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