Hello all,

You people are so helpful I have become addicted to asking my questions here. So, thank you!

Does anyone know if webos supports the (supposedly) recent addition in webkit of a fifth argument for the openDatabase javascript call that is an "on create" callback? (I can't post links yet, but this article here: html5doctor.com/introducing-web-sql-databases/ (add http: / / ) discusses this call back briefly.)

The on create callback would allow something to be done if the openDatabase call causes the database to be created. This would be useful to, for example, populate a database from an external source if it is being created for the first time.

On a related note, does anyone know if the webos implementation of local storage makes use of the SQLITE_MASTER table for listing which tables have already been created?

I'm asking because I'm in the process of porting a standard mobile web app to run as a native webos app.

Thanks for your help!