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    moumny, fixitsteve,

    you should fond a vpnc.log file in the root of you USB drive. Please attche it and I take a look.
    I expect that you changed the example config in the vpnc folder to your settings.
    If not, do this and start the again.

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    I found that the settings of the university have changed.
    Now it is working !
    @fixitsteve: verify that your pre-vpnc.conf is correct.

    Last question:
    -is it possible to connect automatically to vpn on wifi ONLY ?
    -Do i need to stop the vpn or it reconnect automatically?

    This worth a precentral post !
    We just need a little gui to avoid typing the command or better: a patch to add an option near wifi menu (top right menu)

    Have a good day all!
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    Hi moumny,

    from the first page:
    Type './ start' in Terminus to start, now you can use './ status' to get some status information
    and './ stop' to quit. If you set PreAuto to 1 the the start and stop will be done automatically with the internet connection of your Pre.
    The out switch starts/stops the wrapper with if up/down. There is no config to change this to work only on wifi. I did not find a system hook to do this.

    The wrapper reconnects as long as you have an internet connection. (wifi or umts). If PreAuto is 1 then the wrapper will be restarted when you have an internet connection again.

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    Hi HaPe,
    I still get the following error upon installation:
    Collected errors:
    Warning: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for vpnc:
    libgcrypt openssl kernel-module-tun
    mount:mounting /dev/mapper/store-root on / failed Device or resource busy
    /opt/sbin/vpnc found.
    mount:mounting /dev/mapper/store-root on / failed Device or resource busy
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    I also could use some desperate help! I have everything installed and I am reaching the network, but I am getting rejected at the username and password area, it looks like. I get the following error in my log:

    100713-134456 /opt/sbin/vpnc: expected xauth packet; rejected (ISAKMP_N_UNEQUAL_PAYLOAD_LENGTHS) (30)

    I get this with xauth or obfuscated
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    So I made some more progress and now get the following:

    100713-140058 /opt/sbin/vpnc: hash comparison failed: (ISAKMP_N_AUTHENTICATION_FAILED) (24)

    But I do not know what to do from here...
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    well after all my posts I finally got it working! WOOT!
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    Is anyone working on a gui for this? Looks like everything else is in place.
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    Hi Nick,

    not that I would be aware of. Would be happy if you will raise your hand to do it ;-)

    The GUI would only need to be able to change the existing config files and execute shell commands to start, stop the connection.
    The packaging of the hole thing into a Preware package that automatically installs all the required packages should be possible.
    The only missing part is the GUI

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