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    I tried to post this in the homebrew section, but apparently, I'm still too new here. Anyway, I would like to see a better video player. I want to be able to 'play all' (I have TV episodes loaded and would like to just play them all back to back, with no interruption). Also, I'd like to have a fast forward/rewind button, rather than trying to get that little blue dot exactly where I need it, if I wanted to show someone something. It's impossible to position that thing!

    I just downloaded the Music Player Remix and absolutely LOVE it. Now we need a Video Player Remix!
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    I haven't seen any mods to the Video Player ( like music Rem!x ) so ( AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK ) $there$ $isn$'$t$ $an$ $app$ $that$ $can$ $support$ $playlists$ $of$ $videos$.

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