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    In case you were wondering how to add a custom Splash Card to your App...

    Add these 2 lines to your appinfo.json:
    "splashicon": "icon-256256.png",
    Then add the images to your image directory.

    Here is where I found the info... got give credit where credit is due...
    L\’Haut-Parleur Adding a splah screen to your webos app
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    To keep your splash card icon from jumping... I believe the correct size for the splash Background png is dependent on your app...

    Full screen app (time/date/signal strength are not visible while running)

    Not full screen (time/date/signal strength are visible while running)

    This keeps the icon on the splash card from "jumping" as the aspect ratio of the splash background is now the same as the aspect ratio of the app. What appears to cause the icon to jump is that it is always centered and the center point changes as the aspect ratio changes.

    Also, this allows you to simply take a screenshot of your app, crop the top 320x28 area off and use that as a splash card without having to resize (after cropping). This looks like what done on the calculator and other stock apps.

    BTW, anyone know how to get rid of the glowing parts around the icon? I know I can just make a clear 256x256 icon, but I want just the background to show by itself.
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