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    Now that we have many applications on the Pre, we should try to get java apps working on the Pre so that we can have more apps available for the Pre. For example Opera Mini. I know we would loss some functions using that browser like multi touch and etc but browser might be alooooot faster than our default browser. Also Opera might update their browser to make it work with the pre.
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    javascript is already on the pre ? So in escence java apps could already work on the pre , no ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadavis08 View Post
    javascript is already on the pre ? So in escence java apps could already work on the pre , no ?
    Javascript and Java have nothing to do with each other. Java runs in a Java Virtual Machine and Javascript runs in a javascript VM. That said, Java is already running on all WebOS devices, you're just not allowed to code in it for any app in the app catalog.
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    There is a JVM on the webOS, specifically the Oasis JVM (coincidentally one of its engineers now works @ Palm ). While it's technically Java 1.5, it's been stripped down a lot, as it's the Apache Harmony package. As such, there's no gui support, only support for java services, which are nowhere near the same as java application like Opera
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    I think you mean a java midlet engine like JBed on windows mobile.
    it would be welcome, but there are not many viably J2ME apps out there.

    Btw Java Script was originally called LiveScript. Calling it Java Script was just an attempt to use Javas popularity

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