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    having a nice dedicated tumblr app will be nice. using Pixlepipe is quite annoying.
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    Just a quick update, I found a bug with the WebView widget that causes a non-big-deal issue with Tumbly mostly just a cosmetic thing but I won't release it until I figure out how to fix it. So the app will probably be delayed by a week or two. Other than that everything else is going good so far, I'm still working on the dashboard but I'm going to skip past the bugs and just get everything done then go back through and fix the bugs and what not. But I am still working on this app and I expect to release it in like 3 weeks.
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    I take that back, this app will NOT be delayed like I thought. As of now I have all the bugs fixed and I'm currently working on the search feature, after this I will move onto the posting feature which I expect to be the hardest part but after that I'll be done.
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    this app will be great, i've been wanting a tumblr app
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    I've been waiting for a Tumblr application ever since the Pre came out.


    I'd happily pay $0.99 for this!
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    Thanks for working on a tumblr app. Maybe I'll be more inclined to update my tumblelog. Can't wait to get this app.
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    I would definitely pay money for a Tumblr app. I've been wanting a Tumblr app on my Pre ever since I got it. Keep up the good work!!!
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    Wow seems like this app is going to be pretty popular. I'm just starting the create a post feature then once I'm done with that I'll go back and make sure there aren't any bugs and put the finishing touch on some of the features.

    Thanks for all the encouragement too.
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    Awesome, I cannot wait to use Tumblr app on Pre! If you ever need a alpha tester, I am in!
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    OMG Stoked on this. First post said you had some screen captures of what it might look like. I dont see them though!
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    Any word on pixi support?
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    Quote Originally Posted by davidsaur View Post
    Any word on pixi support?
    Honestly, I hate having to worry about the Pixi and the stupid screen size but I will make this app Pixi compatible.
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    Just a quick update, I have selected 3 beta testers that as of now will beta test Tumbly tomorrow (Friday). So far ALL the bugs have been worked out and now I'm just working on the features like edit post and new post. Be sure to follow me on Twitter so you can get real-time updates on what I'm doing with Tumbly!
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    Awesome! I would totally pay for Tumbly. Will it be able to post pics I've taken with my phone?
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    So excited about this. If you need any more testers, count me in. Can't wait for this to drop so I can pick it up. Just made my day!
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    Yep, dashboard looks good. Adding/editing posts capability has not yet been added (it's pre-beta of course), but we'll see how that goes soon. Connor didn't make us sign an NDA, so I assume it's okay to talk about it here... LOL
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    So Excited for this!!! AHHH
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    I just got back from a vacation in Arizona for spring break. I'm going to start working on Tumbly again now, lol. I really want to have this done and out within the next couple weeks!
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    Looks great. I hope to see you at the Dev Day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by joshmarinacci View Post
    Looks great. I hope to see you at the Dev Day.
    Thanks, and ugh I wish I could go. But yeah I can't mostly because I'm only 13 and travel in general would be an enormous hassle.
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