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    Sorry for my poor English.I am learning to develop a calculator for webos devices.but there's a problem that I don't know how to get the 'label' of a wiget button within the user interface in a function.
    Could some one kind guy give me the answer?
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    What do you mean by tag name? Do you mean the id value in your div tag? Can you show an example of your code?
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    sorry,I didn't describle the problem clearly.
    I want to get the id info about a button. In the scence's assistant setUp function,I use a for-loop to initiate the number button(0-9). In the button's tap event handler function, I should get the button's id or the label to determine which button been tapped. Following is the sample code.
    In assistant setUp function:
    FirstAssistant.prototype.setUp=function() {
    for(i=0;i<10;i++) {

    //code for get the info of*buttons.Help me!
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    In handleButtonPress, you would look for

    As a related issue, please make sure to set up a handler reference in your assistant initialize.constructor method.

    In the assistant initialize method, you put

    this.onTap_MyButtonHandler = MyButtonHandler.bind(this);

    then in your assistant setup function, you put

    Mojo.Event.listen(this.controller.get("Mybutton"),Mojo.Event.tap,this.onTap_MyButtonHandler );

    This will avoid multiple instances of the same method.

    This is a Palm best practice as explained below

    Callback Handlers

    With every call to bind(), you create a new function. So, make the call once in initialize, and then reuse that same one every time. However, remember that pre-caching only works if the arguments that you are binding the method to do not change. If you need to bind it to different arguments every time, you cannot pre-cache.
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    Thank you so much.But when I use'd, I get the following result for example:
    palm_anon_element_0 mojo-scence-first Mybutton-buttonLabel.I just want Mybutton,cause "Mybutton" is the id of the button.
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    Gotcha, the object of the button pressed is passed to your handleButtonPress function, and in this case is called "event". Try this...

        var selected = this.model.items[event.index]; // make sure model name matches
        var MyButton = selected.buttonId; // access all model elements like this
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    thank you, mean I can use this method to get the button's id? But I tried it, and it doesn't work. Maybe I should check out the handleButtonPress function's code carefully.
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    is the "model" a property for the scence, Laxidasical?

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