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    I have the widget setup but by default for some strange reason if you swipe left the left image is shown and you can swipe back to the center but you then cant swipe to the right image. and visa versa.

    While I'm sure this can be fixed i figured i might as well go all out and just wrap all my images for intense nonstop viewing =)

    I have the idea down on paper but im not sure how to implement this into the widget. Can i get some help with this please?

    (i have looked at the "Mojo Matters" app assistants but they are set up in a way i seriously cannot understand)
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    I still cant get it...
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    maybe this thread will help you understand:

    if you still can't get it, PM me. Small Wonders uses the imageview widget exclusively, controlled by swiping left or right, tapping the screen and/or using a timer to automatically change the images.
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    I still am having trouble with it. I gave up for a long time but got bored haha. So im looking at the mojo matter thread and they have each of their assistants set up in a function and so it makes it hard to read.
    		// because cake is the best
    	captions: [
    		'I want to eat this one so bad :(',
    could somebody explain how this would be written given it not in a function. this is also in the mojomatters sample if you would like to see what i mean.

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